Sunday, July 17, 2005

Soul Searching

Soul Searching
(written 2.5 years ago)

He has seen it all
He fell into the deepest abyss
Climbed the highest mountains
Plucked the fruits in paradise
Even scorched by the hellfire
But he stood resilient
with the seeds in his hand.

He reached the land of Goshen
Where the birds sang in euphoria
Where majestic clouds reigned the sky
And the rivers flowed bountiful
Realm of the promiseful seeds.

He prayed for the rain to come
To wet the seeds he has sewn
And wash away all the filth
into the river of heedlessness
And it did.

So he thought the morning would arrive
When the sun would shine in all its glory
And the gardens would spring to life
Bringing joy to the kingdom
Sunshine after the rain.

But the morning never came
As he stood there waiting
Through nights of rolling thunders
Through long grey winters
And days of incessant rain.

For years he kept waiting
Resilient as ever
Peering for sunrise on the horizon
Knowing that it would never come
Holding more seeds in his hand.


SYCLONE said...

Lama tok nulis weh.

Cerpen/novel mu kan banyak. Copy paste je lah, episod 1, 2, 3 etc.

Tak pun citer la, selling my once-challenged-by-Kancil Putra.


Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! here