Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Miracles Debunked - Follow Up

Just to clarify a couple of things in the article that I wrote:

1. By "evolution", I am not referring to the aspects of the theory of evolution that have to do with natural selection and random mutation. Rather, I am referring to the macro-evolutionary transformation and variation of non-human species. After all, this universe is far too complex for it to be attributed to some "random number generator" or "fully-autonomous nature" of some sort. Even Einstein used to say once that "God does not play dice with the universe", and Isaac Newton was once quoted as saying that "God periodically intervened to keep the universe going on track".

2. I do not deny the possibility of miracles occuring. After all, if God could create this extremely complex universe, it would be extremely trivial for Him to create miracles out of nothing. Rather, all I am saying is that we should stop labelling everything unfathomable as a miracle. Instead of merely being awestruck by a strange phenomenon, why not try to study it, ask questions and discuss it scientifically. The moment we stop thinking and asking questions is the moment we all become useless.

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